Who we are and what we do

Earth Babes is more than just an online store to purchase earth-friendly products for you and your babe. Based in Perth, Western Australia, we also hold cloth nappy chat groups and cloth nappy workshops for parents who want to come to see and feel what a modern cloth nappy looks like.

Lines that we currently have include modern cloth nappies (MCN’s), baby accessories and babies and kids hat. I have a big passion for all things environmentally friendly so keep an eye out for when we add more sustainable living products to the website!

The brands that we choose are all Australian owned businesses that share our values and manufacture ethically and help to minimize their impact on the planet. When you shop with us you know that the people who make the products have a fair wage and working conditions.


More about Sarah…

Mother of 2 beautiful earth babes of my own. Wife to an amazingly supportive husband and co-pilot in life. My cloth nappy journey started when my son was around 7 months old. I didn’t know anyone who used cloth nappies on their children so it was a whole new world for me. I started with 2 nappies and it slowly grew from there and once we worked out that it wasn’t that hard after all, we very quickly went to cloth full-time.

What I did find was that it can be very overwhelming when you first start and there is so much to learn. This is where my passion began, wanting to help parents to learn about cloth nappies and how to make it work for their family.

Thank you for visiting and supporting a small, aussie, family owned business!

Sarah x